cultures & creators visual arts festival

Sept 23 & 24th

Join us for The Northern Rio Grande National Heritage Area’s first annual Cultures & Creators Visual Arts Festival. An exciting community event at the Los Luceros Historic Site in Alcalde, New Mexico.

This local arts festival promotes artists in the area who practice traditional and contemporary art forms. It celebrates the rich culture and heritage of the area and fosters the participation and support of local artists. Artists from across the region will be showcasing their work as well as demonstrating traditional art methods.

By connecting diverse communities and serving as a cohesive voice for all, we are proud to bring together our many partners, grant recipients, and smaller non-profits in a celebration as diverse as our heritage and culture. 

Local residents and tourists alike who are interested in the arts are invited to experience something new and exciting in the community. Admission on Saturday is $7 and Harvest Festival  admission on Sunday is $10 for adults. Children 16 and under are free!


The Northern Rio Grande National Heritage Area is proud to announce our 2022 Artist in Residence, two-time winner of the Archbishop’s award, Best of Show-Grand Prize Winner, and twice featured Poster Artist for the Spanish Market – Joseph Ascensión López.

Born and raised in Northern New Mexico, Joseph has been creating Spanish Colonial Art for most of his life—working alongside his father Felix and sister Krissa Maria. With extensive world travel and a deep-rooted connection to his cultural heritage, Joseph has honed his skills as a Santero over the years, mastering the techniques and symbolism associated with these art forms. Dedicating himself to these traditional arts when he was only seven years old, Joseph has been fresco painting for the last five years. Through meticulously crafted Santos, Joseph brings to life the rich spiritual traditions of Northern New Mexico.

Los Luceros

For thousands of years, people have touched this land, each adding to its story in its own way. Los Luceros is a place where the memories of the past have been preserved on the landscape and its story shared for generations – and in that spirit, we contribute the Cultures & Creators Visual Arts Festival.

The picturesque 148-acre ranch located north of Alcalde on the east bank of the Río Grande, is one of New Mexico’s most scenic and historically rich properties, and as an officially designated New Mexico Historic Site –  the perfect location for the Northern Río Grande National Heritage Area’s first annual signature event – Cultures & Creators Visual Arts Festival.

Northern Rio Grande National Heritage area

The Northern Río Grande National Heritage Area has always served as a responsible steward and advocate for the preservation of the culture, heritage, language, and environment in Northern New Mexico, and through an increase in efforts we have been working collaboratively through outreach and continued cultural education to increase economic growth, awareness of our shared heritage, and community advancement.

As a proactive advocate for preserving the culture, heritage, and natural resources in the Northern Río Grande area, we are increasing awareness and working for economic expansion in the area to ensure that the culture, heritage and environment are preserved for future generations. As educators to the public on the cultures and heritage of Northern New Mexico, we provide grant opportunities for outreach and continued cultural community education.

A special thank you to our community partners, Los Luceros Historic Site and the Department of Cultural Affairs, for helping to make this event possible.